Introducing Octave: Your New Dream Home in the Heart of the Village

Can you imagine living just around the corner from some of Montreal’s best restaurants, premier theaters and colourful street art? Now, your dream of affordable downtown living has come true. Octave is the newest condo development brought to you by Mondev, Montreal’s leading real estate developers.

Delicious Ice Cream Steps Away From Your Mondev Condo

Summer in Montreal is like an old friend you haven’t seen in years. Although it’s been a while, once it’s here, it’s like it never left. As temperatures soar and the sun shines bright, there is nothing better than treating yourself to an ice-cream. To keep you from overheating, here are some of the best ice-cream shops in Montreal and close to your Mondev condo.

Feel More Confident In Buying A Condo!

Purchasing your own property should be an exciting process, but it can sometimes be somewhat overwhelming. Consulting our guide can help you feel more confident in the decisions you will have to make during and after the buying process.

Technopole Angus, adding life and energy to your Mondev neighbourhood

You have just moved to your new Mondev condo. Discovering your new neighbourhood is more than just an exciting hunt, it is an important way to get familiar with the opportunities the area has to offer. Montreal provides us with more and more reasons to be confident when choosing which location to pick from. The newest example is Technopôle Angus. This open air market adds a life and vibe to the neighbourhood and makes coming home to your Mondev condo the right choice.

Vida LaSalle: When Choosing The Right Condo Becomes A Family Affair

Making the right choice for your family and friends can be demanding but Mondev has got it covered with their brand new condo development, Vida LaSalle. Vida community in LaSalle is a project you’ll have no trouble getting everyone to agree on. The project location offers a unique combination of leisure, services, schools and quick access to town.

Time to Stop Renting and Own Your Own Home

After years of renting, it is time you make the next big step in life: moving into your own place, being your own landlord and choosing your own style. Mondev Condos offers you and your loved ones a variety of housing opportunities throughout Montreal, with many options that would accommodate your lifestyle and your price expectations.

Best Montreal Shopping Spots for Condo Owners

When it comes to decorating, everyone has their own approach, whether they get inspired from an Ikea catalog, or have a hidden talent for interior design, why make décor a bore? Stay away from the norm and let your creative flag fly. Let each room express a part of you with a mix of your everyday necessities and the quirky gadgets, accessories and colors that add the personalized touch that turns your new space into your happy place.

Eating Your Way Through Montreal

We all have one of those days when the thought of cooking has you questioning just how necessary food is for survival, or one of those nights when you just feel like treating yourself to a nice night out without a clue where to go. Your solution is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the comfort of your condo.

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying A Condo

Condos offer an attractive lifestyle at a great price, but when you are looking to buy a condo, there are some important questions and aspects to consider.

Five Tips For Decorating Your Montreal Condo

Decorating your Montreal condo is a fun and creative task that can quickly become overwhelming if you aren't prepared. Our guide to decorating your new condo will help you optimize your space and make your condo a home.