Montreal Farmers' Markets Near Your Mondev Condo

5 Neighborhood Markets for Fresh Fruits and Veggies close to your home

Montreal’s neighborhood markets are a true celebration of culinary culture. Fusing colorful sights with mouth-watering smells, Montreal’s neighborhood markets are the best places to meet your neighbors, discover unique local specialties and sample some absolutely heavenly creations. If you’re a foodie or even if you’re just a Montrealer looking for a new spot to explore, this enticing read will take you on a tour of some of Montreal’s best neighborhood markets close to your Mondev condo.

Are you ready to meander and take in some of the most wonderful sights and smells? Here are the 5 best neighborhood markets in the city, all located just a short walk or bike ride from your home.

The Jean-Brillant Neighborhood market

Only a 3-minute walk from the Lofts Gatineau and a 2-minute bike ride, this 24-hours farmer’s market is a fruit and vegetable lover’s heaven offering an array of fresh produce at excellent prices. Open year-round, the Jean-Brillant market is a favourite for its seasonal offerings including pumpkins of all sizes at Halloween and Christmas trees around Christmas time. Come peruse the stalls and pick up some tasty maple syrup, honey, dried nuts or even some fresh flowers.

The Mont-Royal Neighborhood market

Located a 12-minute walk and a 4-minute bike ride from the Quartier Rivard condos, this lively market has been a staple in this neighborhood since 1983. Offering the community an opportunity to buy directly from small, local farmers, the Mont-Royal neighborhood market is a favourite amongst Montrealers. In the spring, the kiosks are full of plants and flowers. In the summer, the shelves are overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables while there is also a nice selection of oatcakes, sandwiches, salads and fruit juices. In the fall, a festive spirit is in the air as Christmas trees fill this market from one end to the other.

Marché Solidaire Frontenac

This market is located a 12-minute walk from the X-STAR condos and a 6-minute bike ride.

Inspired by a citizen’s initiative aimed at improving the availability of fresh produce in the Sainte-Marie district, this wonderful market is open in the spring-summer- fall months from June to November. Now a beloved meeting ground for the community, this market is the perfect place to meet your neighbors and to learn all about the different cultures of the neighborhood.

The Metro Papineau Neighborhood Market

Only a short 5-minute walk from the Spark Condos and a 2-minute bike ride, it is a seasonal pop-up market that is open from the spring through to the fall every year. Located right beside Metro Papineau, it is a very convenient neighborhood market that sells a variety of fresh fruits and veggies to the locals. Stop by on your way home and pick up some savory sweets or some of the many other tasty locally made products.

The Marché Saint-Jacques

Located 13-minutes from the Octave condos on foot and a 4-minute bike ride.

Popular amongst foodies, this indoor market is located inside a historic Montreal building. It is most well known for its gourmet treats and high-quality food that will surely delight all of your senses. Come and enjoy some artisanal foods, sample some exquisite cheeses or bite into some savory sweets. If the mood strikes you, you can even give into your temptations with an afternoon crêpe.