Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence


As we adapt to the COVID era, our cities, likewise, continue to evolve and change. In Canada’s second-most populous city, residents and building owners alike grapple with rising costs of living. Yet one building firm has consistently demonstrated a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Boldly choosing to embrace a wide market, Mondev Construction is looking toward a bright future.

MONDEV’s Things to do in Montreal this Winter!


Montreal is embracing the winter months and is offering countless activities, festivals, and attractions for all its residents - adults and children alike. See below for MONDEV’s top picks on what to do around the city this winter.

Another year has flown by at MONDEV!


As we look forward to the upcoming 2023 year, we remember our achievements, successes, and special moments of 2022. From project launches to charity events, this past year has been filled with an unstoppable energy and has kept us on our toes.

Designing for your audience: A look inside our stylish model apartments


We’re sure you’ve seen our model condos all over Instagram, and maybe even in person. Care to know what’s going on behind the scenes? Take a look at the various design styles used in the different model condos with the goal of catering to the right audience and making the most of the layouts!

How we styled this NüBerri 2-bedroom model condo & tips for you!


NüBerri, like the name suggests, is a new and trendy development on Berri Street in the heart of Ville-Marie.

Mondev Montreal condo, townhouses, apartments, commercial spaces

For over two decades, Mondev has been one of the city’s most respected and active real estate developers. Our growing portfolio of modern high-end residential and commercial properties include Montreal condos, apartments, townhouses, and commercial spaces.

Mondev Commercial Spaces for Rent

Mile-Ex has become a hot spot for young, tech-savvy Montreal businesses looking to offer their teams an unbeatable work environment while supporting a healthy work-life balance. Find the perfect commercial property for rent for your team.

Meet the Commercial Tenants at DOMO in the Old Port


Get to know the commercial tenants that have occupied the retail spaces at Domo, MONDEV’s high-end condo rental development bordering the Old Port and Griffintown.

Living in Outremont Montreal, Explore the Neighbourhood


Outremont is a residential borough unlike any other in Montreal, the bustling North American city known for its joie de vivre and European flair. See why those seeking an idyllic, family-friendly lifestyle love to make this upscale area their home.

MONDEV's Highlights of 2021

2021 was a busy year for Mondev, we added various condo projects, apartment rentals, townhouses, and commercial spaces to our roster.