4 Exciting Activities You Must Try Near The Lachine Rapids

Would you like to try surfing, rafting or tandem kayaking? Can you imagine having access to any of these activities only minutes from your home? Well, now you can. The new Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses give its residents the opportunity to live in a peaceful area of Montreal that is bustling with cool and unique outdoor activities. Located in the tranquil borough of LaSalle and just minutes from the heart of downtown, this new lifestyle community features 200 modern condos and 100 quality townhouses that are surrounded by nature. Amazing! So are you ready to get outside and get your heart pumping? Here are 4 amazing activities around the Lachine Rapids and the new Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses that you will absolutely love:

River Surfing

Have you ever wanted to try surfing? Living at the Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses, you can make surfing a part of your daily routine. Known as La Vague a Guy, there is a wave that forms close to the riverbank on LaSalle Blvd., just east of Raymond Street. Only about ten feet from the bike path, this wave is the perfect wave for beginners who want to get their feel for the sport of surfing while understanding the basics of paddling, balance and wave riding.

Rafting in Montreal

Come down from your Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses to enjoy rafting, river boarding, tandem kayaking or even jet boating on the Lachine canal. Rafting Montreal is a well-established Montreal business that has been offering fun water sports for the whole family on the Lachine Rapids since 1992. There is no better way to enjoy your summer with their exciting and unique water adventures.

Bird Watching at Parc des Rapides

Do you love bird watching? Head down to the Parc des Rapides. Just a short drive from the Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses, Montreal’s Parc des Rapides is a 30-hectare waterside park with a view across to the Heron Island bird sanctuary. Come here for the magnificent views of the river and its 225 species of birds. Take in a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy as you wander around this nature lovers heaven. If you’re lucky you might just see a Great Blue Heron.

Exercise in Angrignon Park

This whooping 97-hectare park is another one of the pleasures that you will get to enjoy by living at the Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses. Only 5-minutes away from the Vida LaSalle condos and townhouses, you can come here after work, in the mornings or on the weekends to walk, run, cycle and even cross-country ski in the wintertime. This park is also a wonderful place for a family picnic on the weekends if you’re looking for something a little more relaxing to do.