Eating Your Way Through Montreal

We all have one of those days when the thought of cooking has you questioning just how necessary food is for survival, or one of those nights when you just feel like treating yourself to a nice night out without a clue where to go. Your solution is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the comfort of your condo.

7 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying A Condo

Condos offer an attractive lifestyle at a great price, but when you are looking to buy a condo, there are some important questions and aspects to consider.

Five Tips For Decorating Your Montreal Condo

Decorating your Montreal condo is a fun and creative task that can quickly become overwhelming if you aren't prepared. Our guide to decorating your new condo will help you optimize your space and make your condo a home.

Jarry Park and the Surrounding Areas

Without a doubt, Jarry Park provides the ideal balance of nature and fun. Whether you enjoy concerts, sporting events, bike rides and picnics in the summer, or ice-skating, cross-country skiing and snowball fights in the winter, there is something for everyone at every turn.

LaSalle and the Surrounding Areas

LaSalle offers its residents cultural entertainment and, just like Montreal’s other neighbourhoods, has a solid infrastructure that meets the needs of its community, and offers a wide range of housing options, including new condo developments.

Financing for First Time Buyers

Buying a home for the first time can be a nerve-racking task; it is definitely a high cost investment and a big decision. Here are some valuable tips that will help potential new homebuyers realize their ownership dream.

Decorating Your Montreal Condo

Decorating a condo can be an overwhelming task. Many condo owners over-think the design process and end up with multiple themes that ultimately do not flow. Live beautifully in your condo with these essential decorating tips.

Big Benefits of Condo Living in Montreal

Growing up, you may have dreamed about owning a large house with a white picket fence — you know, the type of home popularized on TV shows about wholesome families in the ‘burbs. However, as an adult, you likely realize the stereotype doesn’t apply to every lifestyle, personality or income situation. In fact, large homes are often more trouble than their worth, which is why condo living is on the rise for many Canadians.

Things To Consider When Buying A Condo In Montreal

Take into consideration these recommendations when buying a condominium and begin this adventure of choosing your dream condo!

Les Lofts Gatineau Set To Open in May of 2017

Les Lofts Gatineau will cater to a diversity of tenants. Whether you're on the lookout for a quiet, laid back dwelling, or you're more about that city bustle, this condo project has great potential to satisfy your search.