Vida - The dawning of a new neighbourhood

Yet unknown to many Montrealers, Vida LaSalle is more than a real estate project, it is its own neighbourhood—a neighbourhood where living is good. Upon completion, the project will be made up of 193 condo units and 101 townhouses. The homes make up a homogenous ensemble developed around a beautiful park. A 10-minute walk from Angrignon métro, this real estate project has a little bit of everything to offer its new residents.

A day off in Old Montreal

The first time I visited Old Montreal, I was charmed by its beautiful architecture. The narrow cobblestoned streets are lined with Victorian-style buildings, each one prettier than the next. I soon understood why Old Montreal is one the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Many people choose to spend their Saturday nights here to gather among friends or for a romantic rendezvous. Quality restaurants and vibrant bars abound.

7 simple tips to make your home super stylish!

Moving day is fast approaching and you likely have not had time to consider your future décor! This often means that once you move in, not having thought of the décor beforehand, you will most likely leave it as… So, here are seven simple tips to make your home super stylish!

5 places to treat your better half to chocolate

To spoil your Valentine with minimum effort and maximum pleasure, here is a list of the best locations to enjoy chocolate in proximity to our Montréal projects. All that’s left for you to do is to spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your better half, no matter who they are!

Resolutions for 2018: 5 simple tips to better manage your expenses

How many of you have “stop spending” on your list of resolutions? It’s the same story every year… as the Holiday Season comes to an end, and our credit cards are ablaze, we vow to spend less and save more. Well, we have a suggestion for you: since we know it is impossible to not spend, we suggest that you simply spend wiser. Take for example, purchasing a home. It is not because this momentous acquisition comes with additional expenses that you should avoid it; you just have to go about it intelligently. Here are 5 easy tips to help you spend more wisely.

Top 10 new homeowner gifts under $30

Simply because showing up with a freshly baked pie may no longer be “in,” here are ten gift ideas that your neighbourhood’s new homeowners will surely appreciate! Thanks to our surprising, but useful, list of gifts under $30, you’ll be a hit at the next housewarming party or gift exchange.

Espace Fabrique : where ideas become reality

At 4767 Dagenais Street, in a 12 000-square foot location, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs and “do-it-yourselfers” unite to bring their ideas to life. Having opened its doors this summer, the Espace Fabrique Cooperative offers to anyone needing it, access to a welding, machinery and cutting workshop, complete with all the necessary equipment. It is the first workshop of its kind in Canada.

‘round "Zenith condos" in six stops

Since moving into her new condo in the Zenith project, she was eager to walk her new neighbourhood, an activity that is now part of her routine. In her mind, the main advantage of living on Saint-Hubert Street in Downtown Montréal is to be walking distance to nearly all her points of interest.

Rainy and cold? Here are six wonderful activities to do in Montreal

Montréal abounds with popular indoor activities such as the Biodôme, the Centre des sciences and the Botanical Gardens. But, once you’ve visited these locations multiple times, you’re likely looking for a new destination to enthuse the family. Here’s everything you need to become your group’s designated tour guide. Whether an outing with friends or family, or a romantic evening, here are six indoor activities that are undaunted by the cold and wet Fall weather.

La Petite-Patrie: Two destinations for each meal of the day

Since Mondev just announced the location of its latest project in La Petite-Patrie, Le Roc Condos, we were curious to discover the best addresses for a delicious meal in this area of Montréal. To solve this intrigue, we asked an experienced food lover and resident of the area to offer us a guided gastronomic tour of La Petite-Patrie. The result? To assuredly satiate your taste and your mood, she suggests two options for every meal of the day! Which would you choose?