7 simple tips to make your home super stylish!

Add a mirror. A well-placed mirror can do wonders. A mirror will not only give the room a luxurious touch, it will make it look bigger. Round, square, rectangle, above a desk or a fireplace, amid picture frames or even alone!

A fresh flower arrangement or a nice plant. Plants are living things--what better way to add some vivacity and freshness to a room? Apparently speaking to your plants makes them healthier…. so, bonus, they’ll keep you company!

Dare to add colours and prints. Express your personality and add some liveliness to the room. Floral and pineapple motifs are all the rage. Geometric shapes, which blend nicely with other prints, are also very popular. Play with wallpaper, assorted throw pillows, a rug or even geometrical-shaped furniture to add some punch! Mix and match colours and prints for an even bolder effect.

Improve the lighting! You can buy beautiful light fixtures for $60 or less… even though they’re on the ceiling and you think no one will notice, they can make all the difference; a chandelier for the dining room and a new light fixture in the bathroom. Consider revamping your decorative lighting, carefully chose your lightbulbs, and install some dimmers. Lighting is key to setting just the right mood.

Find an item that will be THE pièce de résistance, the one that will provide that “WOW” effect. Whether its a throw rug, a chandelier or a piece of furniture, find one item that stands out from all the others!

Avoid overcrowding your rooms. Particularly after a move, we tend to accumulate too much furniture and too many decorative items; you have to be mindful of this and take control! What do you really need? This is no time to be sentimental! Sometimes we need to let go of certain items… again, we repeat, this is no time to be sentimental!

Add a work of art. Even if its not authentic. Find a piece that speaks to you, something that reflects your personality through its colours, style and meaning. It will make your place feel like home.

So, there you have it. Time to unpack boxes and get to the best part of the move: decorating!