Vida - The dawning of a new neighbourhood

Located at the intersection of Shevchenko and De La Vérendry, this project rejuvenates the area. Work is progressing and the neighbourhood is gradually taking shape.



An elegant neighbourhood for young families

The neighbourhood’s first residents, living in the ten townhouses on Bouvier street, at the East end of the development, have been enjoying the area for six months. These couples and young families are thrilled to have found a new—affordable—house on the Island of Montréal. These modern, sleek-designed homes, built on four stories, offer three or four bedrooms. The new buyers eagerly await the warmer weather to make the most of their huge back terrace, the perfect setting for welcoming friends and family. In the meantime, they happily park their car in the underground garage and embellish their new home.


At the neighbourhood’s West end, the first condo structure is being completed; buyers will move in as early as this summer. This contemporary, three-story building, blends perfectly into the area.


A new street, named in honour of activist, Jacqueline Sicotte, a key ally to Therese Casgrain, will run through the neighbourhood this summer. The foundations of this new, windy street that will split the borough in two are already evident. In the interest of the urban landscape, all parking is underground, an achievement that will only improve the area’s look.


Children will easily and safely make their way to the park via tree-adorned pedestrian pathways.


Vida LaSalle—A living space developed with a vibrant collectivity in mind.

Geared for families and community, the Vida neighbourhood, located 20 minutes from downtown Montréal, will become your urban oasis.

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