Leasing a condo in Saint-Henri: testimonial of a young professional

We met up with him to learn more about his experience in condo living; here, in six questions, is a resume of our conversation.

Q: Let’s start slow. How would you describe your neighbourhood in three words?

A: Young. Lively. Nature.

Q: You have lived in Saint-Henri for three months. What do you like most about living here?

A: I live near downtown, yet I feel like I am in a quiet neighbourhood. It’s not too loud and there’s not too much traffic, yet door-to-door, it only takes me 30 minutes to get to my office downtown. It is the best of both worlds! I live so close to everything that I sold my car, you don’t really need one here.


Q: Tell us about something that really surprised you about living in Saint-Henri?

A: Being on the outskirts of downtown, I did not expect to have access to so many restaurants and services. Seriously, I think there are at least six Mexican restaurants here (he says, snickering); it is a lively neighbourhood, as I mentioned in the first question.

Q: Talk to us about your condo shopping. What were your main criteria?

A: My roommate and I mainly shopped online. We found, what we thought was our dream condo near Lionel Groulx metro station, but at the last minute the owner backed out. After that, we had trouble finding something we liked and, even more so, at a reasonable price. We stumbled on Le Rolland and thought that it may be the most practical option: everything is new, the appliances are included, it is carefree! We just had to move in, it could not have been easier!

Even better, it’s affordable considering everything that we have. We could have paid the same elsewhere but ended up with an apartment that is not as well laid-out and in worse condition. It was important for me to find a simple and reliable agreement. Of course, we took a chance because when we signed, the construction was not complete. We had to use our imagination a bit, but we did not have any unpleasant surprises and were able to move in on time.

Le Rolland meets my needs: a dishwasher, a new unit, or at least a renovated one, space to cook, and a washer/dryer.


Q: You said you signed the lease before the unit was complete. How was the lease experience with Mond


A: When I visited, the walls were up. It was missing some finishing, but I could imagine what it would look like. To give us a better idea, the agent showed us pictures of other Mondev projects and the materials that would be used. I also had a plan showing the room dimensions, to know which furniture to bring.

Once the lease was signed, we were given the keys two days ahead of time: Mondev accommodated us so that we could move in on the weekend. Of course, as it is a new condo and we were the first to move in, construction outdoors continued for a bit. We called the developer a few times to inform him of a few things that needed to be done here and there; he always called us back and answered our questions.

I must say that we are now fans of leasing a new condo, and I hear that Mondev will be doing so more and more!

Q: Let’s end on our preferred topic. Would you offer us a guided tour of your favourite spots in the neighbourhood?

Pizza Adamo


It is cheap, delicious (classic New York style pizzas, just as I like them) and it fills you up. Essentially, it meets all my conditions!

Canal de Lachine

Less than 10 minutes from my condo with a bike path on both sides of the Canal. It is a choice location for a BIXI amateur such as myself. It is a good spot to picnic or just take a stroll. I know that you can also kayak and play bocce, I’ll have to try those one day!

There is also a floating cafe-bar, the Canal Lounge, a good excuse to have a drink on a boat. It is on the Canal, right near the Atwater Market.

Marché Atwater

Speaking of the Atwater market, I like to swing by there to pick up some fresh and inexpensive produce. My parents being agriculturalists, I guess it’s in my blood! It is a good 20-minute walk so I don’t shop there daily, but it is close enough that I go every once and a while to make myself happy.

Interested in Saint-Henri? Le Rolland is now filled, but l’Alcôve sur le Woonerf, another Mondev project, is located a few minutes walk from Saint-Ambroise street and has units that are now available. You like the concept of leasing a new condo, visit our projects here.