Designing for your audience: A look inside our stylish model apartments

We’re sure you’ve seen our model condos all over Instagram, and maybe even in person. Care to know what’s going on behind the scenes? Take a look at the various design styles used in the different model condos with the goal of catering to the right audience and making the most of the layouts! Whether for helping potential clients visualize the space or occasionally providing a furnished unit, see how Niki Panagiotopoulos designs the various MONDEV real estate properties to attract the right tenant and bring MONDEV’s designs to a whole new level.

Zenith Penthouse

This 2-bedroom 1 bath penthouse on the top floor of the Zenith rental condo building needed a design that translated the light and airy feel offered by the sky-high apartment. Lighter-toned furniture and décor elements like the soft beige couch, light grey rug and bright white dining table suit the chosen finishes of the condo. The slight edge given by the exposed concrete ceilings is best complemented by chic accent pieces like the leather chaise and black metallic coffee table. The bedroom offers a mix of textures and materials to combine comfortable with practical, still leaving room to circulate the space with ease.


Catering to a higher-end clientele means opting for made-to-measure furniture that is perfectly scaled to the large living environment. It is so important to feel cozy and “just-right” as opposed to overwhelmed by too-large pieces and excessive décor.

McCord 1-bedroom

McCord’s model unit opening couldn’t have come at a better time – the NüBerri 1-bedrooms were quickly being rented and the furniture of the Ville-Marie model condo needed a new home. After comparing the layout and measurements of McCord’s and NüBerri’s model units, the transition was a no-brainer.


The light and chic décor choices made by Niki integrated well in both condos and the furniture was properly scaled to each room of the apartment. Neutrals, woods, and metallics with pops of warm color were the go-to inspirations for this model, appealing to multiple audiences. After all, the potential tenants of a downtown 1-bedroom condo are diverse, and a well-designed model must pique the interests of many.

Milhaus loft & rental office

This space needed to serve two purposes: be both functional and stylish. Having been the first condo to be fully finished during construction, this apartment had to set the bar high for what tenants would come to expect as well as give our team a place to meet with clients and complete paperwork. A focal piece was essential, and with such high ceilings in our loft layouts, who could go wrong with this incredible chandelier? The artwork in the condo was made up of renderings of the exterior and interior of MILHAUS, and we took advantage of the wall space to mount a presentation TV as well as a visual of the available floor plans.


The design strategy was simple yet elevated: maintain the open atmosphere without making it feel empty. For this, a tight round table helped ease circulation, see-through stools helped unify the kitchen with the living space, and a perfectly scaled couch established a comfortable seating area. Each room felt balanced, and they all harmonized well together.

Interested in renting a condo and seeing these models in person? Check out our website for our condo availabilities and get to know Griffintown, Outremont, or Ville-Marie. Add your personal touch to the high-quality apartments and make these spaces your own!