Decorating Your Montreal Condo

Decorating a condo can be an overwhelming task. Many condo owners over-think the design process and end up with multiple themes that ultimately do not flow. The key to creating a functional, optimal and refined space is to focus on simplicity and detail. Creatively incorporating neutral color tones and signature furniture pieces can make the condo aesthetically functional. Live beautifully in your condo with these essential decorating tips.

  1. Focus on optimizing the space with a practical layout: Make sure you have enough furniture, but never too much. The layout should be clean and make sense. Using the right amount of furniture can make a space appear bigger; clutter is never good and can make a place look busy.

  2. Pull together a room by using the right color schemes: The color scheme is a vital part of creating a comfy condo. Neutral colors are inviting and easy on the eye. Stay true to a calming color scheme throughout your room or condo. This will accentuate flow and charm.

  3. Accent pieces create a vibe: Having a couple of strong accent pieces can help pull together your condo. If done properly they can add flare and a fun atmosphere. Accent pieces can range from amazing artwork to up-cycled furniture.

  4. Small details make a difference: Fragrant soaps, warming candles, decorative books and crystal vases (filled with fresh flowers or you can get creative with citrus, fruits, etc.). These details will make all the difference.

  5. Mirrors are an illusion: Mirrors make a space appear as bigger. Incorporating the use of mirrors in your décor can be beneficial. They are dazzling and can give the impression of a larger space, and add a touch of elegance to your condo.