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david owen president

With over 20 years of building experience, a background in Honours Business Administration and more than 4200 condos and commercial developments to his name, David Owen is a respected leader in the construction industry. Passionate about creating urban living spaces that add to the history, culture and vibrancy of Montreal's bourgeoning landscape, his deep roots and connection to the city shine through in each and every one of his projects.

As President of Mondev Construction and Mondev Investments, David oversees every project's building process, from land acquisition, zoning and design, all the way up to construction, marketing and customer service. His hands-on approach ensures each site exudes that quality craftsmanship and unique Montreal flair that Mondev is famed for. A stickler for details and authenticity, David's leadership guarantees that every Mondev development maintains his gold standard for modern luxury.

Always on the lookout for investing and real estate projects that will enhance, enliven and invigorate the already stunning island of Montreal, David sees his hometown as a city brimming with the perfect blend of culture, tradition, art, entertainment and exciting new ventures. His expertise on market and development sectors are second to none, and he always has his pulse on the ever-growing commercial and residential investment industry. A firm believer in teamwork and integrity, he looks to his talented team at Mondev to be part of this inspirational success story.

michael owen SENIOR PARTNER

A Senior Partner at Mondev, Michael Owen is a veritable expert in all areas of urban real estate. With a background in Commercial Real Estate Development from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a BCOMM degree from the John Molson School of Business, and several other accreditations, Michael's business and project development skills are bolstered by years of in-depth education and professional experience. His work has received awards and recognition throughout the industry and his name is synonymous with quality, integrity and success.

Vital to Mondev's business and development growth, Michael excels at bringing the vision of Mondev's senior team to fruition though a detailed combination of business, project and development techniques. Passionate about creating exceptional living spaces for Montreal's contemporary urbanites, Michael's talent and drive have helped make Mondev one of the city's fastest-growing real estate development companies. This is a feat he is proud of not only because it establishes Mondev as a premier provider of quality living spaces across the island of Montreal, but also because it upholds the vison and philosophy of Mondev's founders. This philosophy is to bring the best condominium and mixed-use commercial properties to proud Montrealers — all at affordable prices.

Always looking to grow, revitalize and enhance Montreal's world-class landscape, Michael is key to Mondev's exceptional roster of achievements.


As one of the newest members of the Mondev Team. Mark’s teamwork and leadership skills have been paramount to his integration in the company. Mark graduated from McGill University, majoring in economics and business management. Throughout his time at McGill he took his summers to work for companies such as Brookfield Financial in Toronto, MetLife Financial and other investment firms in New York.

His experience as the founder and president of the Real Estate Club at McGill University was the ideal environment to develop the capacity to think creatively and entrepreneurially. Mark was also part of the McGill rowing team and the triathlon club, completing several marathon and ironman events. He is always looking for new, fun different things to challenge himself, both mentally and physically.

Mark is eager to devote his energy to a team of executives who value integrity and are persistent in establishing, working toward and ultimately achieving personal and institutional goals.


Micheline Greco Controller
Carmelo Plaitis Accounting Manager
Tiziana Fastidio Property Manager
Bernard Ong-Tone Construction Estimator Certified


Robert Groppini Director of Sales
5405, St-Denis Montreal, QC, H2J 4B7
Tina Groppini Sales Representative
5405, St-Denis Montreal, QC, H2J 4B7
Johnny Spada Sales Representative
2291, Lasalle Ave #201 Montreal, QC, H1V 2K9
Gina Spada Sales Representative
5180, Philippe Lalonde #102 Montreal, QC, H3C 0B9
Isabelle Guillet Design Coordinator
5405, St-Denis Montreal, QC, H2J 4B7


Yvan Lebel Director of Construction
100, Blvd Alexis Nihon #340 Montreal, QC, H4M 2N9
Christian Rochefort Construction Foreman
100, Blvd Alexis Nihon #340 Montreal, QC, H4M 2N9
Richard & Pierre Ducharme After sales Service
100, Blvd Alexis Nihon #340 Montreal, QC, H4M 2N9