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Commercial Real Estate in Montreal
Finding and buying the right business property is a big step in anyone’s life. At Mondev, we are committed to providing new and experienced companies with quality commercial real estate investments that will bring them success.
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Office Space - Verdun
Affordable office space available for short or long term lease. Completely renovated large private offices. Elevator. Onsite parking available. Very close proximity to downtown Montreal, public transport and Atwater Market. Offices starting at $550 per month
750$ / Month
300 Sq.Ft
The Best of the City
Montreal has a unique advantage over many cites in the world. Buildings here range from the historic to modern and everything in between, for those who seek commercial space for rent, Montreal offers renters a wealth of options when it comes to finding the right style, size and character for their new venture. Proud of our connection to the city, our agents understand how each of these little details is essential to your business’s success, and we endeavor to find you only the perfect place that has all the elements you need to be successful. Whether you need a large, multi-purpose office or you seek a small, intimate retail store with history, we have the knowledge and know how to find you the exactly what you want. There are available commercial spaces for rent in a variety of environments too, including quiet, business neighbourhoods or busy, bustling restaurant and retail areas.
Rent That’s Fair, Quality That’s Unbeatable
Our team at Mondev has been at the helm of building and financing some of the best condo, commercial and rental developments in the city. We know the market better than anyone, and are proud to offer clients both the places and prices that they need. Our pricing models are competitive, fair and a great value for the high-end property you get. As skilled developers, builders and real estate investors, we know quality when we see it, and only vouch for real-estate properties we’re proud of. Details like hand-crafted finishings, A-grade materials and building processes are always at the top of our priorities, and we ensure that each and every one of our commercial rental spaces features these attributes in addition to any other specifications that you need. We also are committed to being your partner during renting process, and offer guidance and assistance every step of the way. Your success is our success, so you can trust our team to get you the exact commercial space you want to rent, at the exact price you want to rent it for.